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District Governor Emphasises the Opportunities Rotary Membership Provides


District Governor Peter Frueh and Anne  were popular visitors to the club on August 22nd, 2017.

District Governor Peter Frueh had a powerful message for the club on August 22nd, and that message was to spread the news about the opportunity Rotary membership presents for one person to make a world of difference.

At a meeting which celebrated both the beginning of a new Rotary career, with the induction of new member Natalie Opie, and the continuation of a distinguished one, with the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition (5 sapphires) to Don Moore, Peter described the impact one new member had when travelling in northern Australia. 

New to Rotary, Chris Herman was travelling in northern Australia when he learned  of a mining company that was planning to dump surplus linen to landfill.  Through Rotary, Chris arranged for the linen to be shipped to Melbourne - at the cost of the mining company which was only too pleased to be getting rid of the linen - to Donations in Kind in Footscray. From there it was shipped to worthy causes internationally and within Australia. How much linen was the mining company going to bin? It turned out to be 45 pallet loads worth over $100,0o0. The power of Rotary combined with the imagination and initiative of just one person.

Every club, said Peter, has the responsibility to renew itself, to keep growing, to gather good people and empower them to make a difference in the world. In our daily lives we need to seek out people to join a club, tell our Rotary stories, let people know what Rotary is and the powerful contribution Rotary makes to improving people's lives throughout the world.

District Governor Peter Frueh, left, 
congratulates Don Moore on receiving
a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition with
5 sapphires, at the club meeting
on August 22nd.

President Richard welcomed new member
Natalie Opie to the club at the club
meeting on August 22nd. Rotary Mentor
Carol Benson (right) looks on.


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