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Visit of Assistant District Governor Ros McMorrow August 9th 2016

Rosalind (Ros) is visiting Rotary Clubs in the District as part of her role as Assistant District Governor. Rosalind’s presentation focussed on her life experiences, what led her to join Rotary and the differences that can be made to people’s lives through shared efforts.

Ros grew up in Adelaide and completed her schooling and university studies in South Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Arts with Honours and as part of her course, undertook studies of “the changing coastline of Adelaide beaches” and “the Tambo River in East Gippsland”. She then completed her Bachelor of Education.

Her father was a metallurgist working with Chrysler for 30 years and it was therefore unsurprising that her first car was a 1976 Valiant Regal 76 with a vinyl roof!

In 1984 Ros moved to Melbourne taking on a teaching role in education. Ros currently works as Department Head of English at the Sacred Heart College in Oakleigh.

Ros joined Rotaract Melbourne in 1984. At that time there were between 15 and 19 active Rotaract Clubs in Melbourne/Victoria and during her time there she was sponsored by the East Malvern Rotary Club on an exchange to Japan for 5 weeks. Ros ran conferences for Rotaract and one of the major projects during her time was the car parking during the Kooyong Tennis competitions.

Following her resignation from Rotaract due to age limits, Ros joined the Chadstone/East Malvern Rotary Club where she has held director roles in both Youth, Vocational and International portfolios. Ros has been and continues to be a very active member of Rotary, involved in many projects and particularly passionate about the Busy Feet Program; Pets in the Park; Preserves and Craft markets; youth nights; and vocational events.

In conjunction with Rotary and using her teaching expertise, Ros has been involved in English programs in Vietnam and Manila supporting women to undertake training so that they can find work. Ros profiled a particularly inspiring success story involving a young women, who was supported by Rotary to buy a treadle sewing machine, and who now employs other women making a range of garments for sale.

Ros is available as a resource in her capacity as Assistant District Governor and welcomes contact from any Club member.


Thelma Hutchison

Meeting Chair and Youth Services Director



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